Monday, January 18, 2010

Oldies Blog Blabber

I want to make this is the only blog I have and I will delete the rest. I don't want to delete the content of the blog because I think it is quite sentimental for me and I will surely reread it. :)


how often you have a bad dream? how often those images of ghost from movies or imagination comes into our dream and we know it is only a dream. I had a bad dream yesterday. Once, I dreamt that there's a ghost of a women more less like the one i watched Shutter, playing peek a boo with me on the stairs. I knew it was a dream and I think I get so use of it, I didn't even afraid. They won’t hurt me and perhaps also, was I sleeping in awkward position until bad dream sometimes crawling into my dream? I don't usually dream but when I dream, I do dream of ghost. :)

I don't believe in dream being prophecy. I don't know , It never happen to me that my dream are real in reality. Researcher said dream are your most inner feeling. Ghost is my guilt, fear, and/or repressed memories. Your dream is serving as a medium for you to face your fears and thus it is important to pay attention to what message the phantom is trying to convey.( . that so? how about ghost playing peek a boo with me? :D urgh. No point to seek answer. I will live to the fullest, happily and healthy that will bring wealth! :D
>>> I still remember that! eeerrriieee... I still have goose bumps whenever I think of it.

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