Monday, January 18, 2010


Everyone is obsess with something. My current obsession is Facebook game, Zoo world, Happy Aquarium, and other games that I am quite ashamed to admit here. Anyway, my obsession begin last 2 weeks. I thought "why not?" and that WHY NOT turns into obsessions. I know it is not something productive but when you into the game, you are obsess with climbing up the level or buying some "cool" stuff for your game, which I was until I am de-motivated with payments through credit card if you want "ultra cool" stuff for that game. That does it. It ruins my mood completely and I am oppose to pay anything for that!

So now, I'm taking it easy and just enjoy playing it without concerning too much about climbing up the level though I am tempted and my competitiveness brush in. huh? I never thought I am competitive. Well, at least in those games. :)

I do have plenty of time on my hands.:) I am sorry to my facebook friends to endure my obsession with posting unnecessary and irrelevant stuff for the game. Sorry! :)

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