Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you ever feel so much motivated to do everything at once, your heart says "go for it!, you can do it!" and then you actually do it, it overwhelm you? you become the most messiest person you know and everything is out of order. That is exactly how I feel today. I wanted to do a lot of baking mostly bread and I have all of the ingredients but just one ingredient short and now I am start feeling out of control. I hate that!

Relax... breath in and breath out. I need to do one at the time. Feeling too much motivated can be hazardous. :) Feeling indifferent is worse.

Like dream, never can dream enough because it is actually makes you have sense of purpose in life. So keep on dreaming and do something about it too! :) I've make a mental picture of 1001 things to do before I die, that wouldn't include drugs and purposely put my head into crocodile mouth. way too much..

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