Sunday, January 24, 2010


My sister and I chatted yesterday and we were talking about how people change when they want something bad. Real bad. The changes they made are becoming unrecognizable from the people who knew them. There is good change and bad change. Good change when you feel more happier with what you achieve and will achieve and bad change is when you begin to push away people that know you for very long time.

I do like the word CHANGE. I change myself pretty much as well, I am bored with myself often. Change is very much my middle name somehow. :) though mostly my changes are my hair .. physically change is always be my hobby..;) oh no, not until I had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one know who I meant..

Anyway, being true to oneself is hard. It is hard. People always say "be true to yourself", easier said than done. Tell me when easier said and easier done?
Perhaps we are creature of chameleon, we change in certain situation, we change in different environment and mostly we change with age... some people getting younger and some just getting older....which one are you?

I miss my mumbo-jumbo talks with my sister and we're so going to talk so much until our mouth can't close...:)

Of all the changes we made in our life, confidence is the key.
We all need a little more of the kitty!

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