Monday, October 12, 2009

Who To Blame 

I think it is a good time to get my food right.

I never think of it, but I think most of my food intake is getting unhealthier. 

I don’t blame anyone but me.

I don’t like my body look now and food is one thing that got into the way.

If I keep stuffing myself with chicken wings, rice with coconut milk and I keep doing this baking thing, I don’t think I will slim down.

This new found freedom of cooking is overwhelmed.

I want to cook healthier now.

I used to eat what my mom cook for me, that’s good.

Since I lived with my bf and it sort of being independent of what I am eating, I don’t give a damn what I stuff into my mouth.

I eat late at night, I drink too much of chocolate milk with a hint of vanilla essence (oh I love Vanilla Essence) , I sleep too late and wake up too late, I seldom exercise and foremost I love to cook with coconut milk and chicken.

I have a plan now. I don’t bake cookie (perhaps, once a month), drink chocolate milk two weeks once and chicken once a week and replace with tons of vegetables and fruits and salmon. Rice would be good once awhile with salmon… I don’t deny, I would eat rice with anything. It is my culture.

I still have strong deep muscle and I still remember pilates instructor, Evon told me I have a strong deep muscle while I do pilates. Hmm.. perhaps going to the gym is done good to me afterall. It does stroke my vanity in a good way.

Did I tempt to drink as much as people around me? Yes and no.

Yes because when you’re the only one who sober, it took the fun out of it and no, I don’t like the after effect, puking and hangover. Liquour does bad to tummy as well.

I never tempted to smoke though. I think it is fastest way to get old and look old. I don’t like looking old, thank you.

Even though I have a good young looking gene, both of my parents are pretty much looking young beyond their age, I think I don’t want to get over my head and start puffing smoke out of my lungs.

When people think of healthy, everyone is wanting to be healthy and glowy. When people talks about healthy, they rarely do it themself and say life is too short to leave out the most fun in life which most consist of too much self-indulgence.

Life is indeed short but it will be more shorter if no one practice a good health..

Okay! We will do it!! GO HEALTHY LIFE! I will update whether I fail or succeed... I will succeed. I have a strong will.

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