Monday, September 28, 2009

The Importance of Birthday or lack thereof.

Next 2 weeks. 27 years old. 27 years of living. 27 years that my heart beating. 27 years of walking. 27 years of listening lies, deceit and hurtful. 27 years of being total ignorant. 27 years of not learning anything from education. 27 years of thinking what should I wear the next day. 27 years of seeing what horrible world can be. 27 years of seeing beautiful things. 27 years of eating good food. 27 years of laughter and sadness and unnecessary depress and all despite of being 27 years, it does feel like going to one door to another. I feel my life is slipping. I guess everyone is. Stop and smell the roses. Do we actually have time to stop?
Tell me, what is your purpose? Some people having their purpose known in sciences, technology, sports, humanity and wealth.
I think God put special "something" for certain people to create things and did put "everything special" in every day life which we all equally have. Why complain?

Birthday is important to some people. It is the day we are born. It is also an indication how long have you live or perhaps remembering birthday is like remembering your past, remembering who you are and where you come from. Perhaps for amnesia people, it is why they are frustrated and eagerly to know their birthdate cause without remember it, you have a body without a soul. I heard God "breath" life to baby in the womb after 2 weeks, so in my calculation, my "real" birthdate would be 19th January 1982. It is just a theory.

I can be proud of myself for being no complainer about birthday. I do not have 16th birthday party, I do not have 18th birthday party and truly I care less.
Some of my friends had big bash party for becoming 16 years old. It is fun to be in those party. I truly care less about my own still. My own real party consist of fried chicken and ton of buns on a beautiful mountain that the eyes can see stretch of splendid view with my sister, my close friend and my bf oh and colorful balloons, I often feel a lot of balloons is happy. I dont want any other people in my party. Not that I am anti-sosial, I prefer being on myself and certain people than being with tons of people that I truly doesn't give a shit.

Is it me who afraid to know how I aged? Is it me to afraid things aren't like it used to be? I am too vain to know my own age. "age is just a number" < true but it is a reminder as well like laptop battery charge, you know you have some little battery on, so you plug in the batter charger. Just like life, though we can't truly "charge and turn back time' but we can "charge" lives in new ways when things aren't working.

My warmth is not for anybody and everybody and I don't feel sorry for that.

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