Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn 2009

Autumn. My first autumn. Everything turns into yellow, brownish and reddish. Trees and grasses, I mean. J

It is just a beautiful day outside. I am sitting at the kitchen waiting for my peanuts to cook with ghee.:) everything is ghee now.:)

Autumn again. The best thing is there is always a tradition comes along with the season. Like tradition of midsummer in Finland which go around the bushes naked and all other naked stuff :) I will definitely participate in that next midsummer.

For autumn, I dont know if there's any tradition but I think there is some tradition in England or other parts of world. Let me google. :) oh silly me, its Halloween or mischief night and harvest festival (that would be in England).Anyhow, there's an interesting traditions in Chinese culture where it is one of the most romantic night for lovers, holding hands on hilltop and just moon gazing:). Family reunion, much like western thanksgiving and they make lanterns and such!

Wonder why there's 4 season? I found there is God of winter (Skadi- Norse god and the crone- Celtic god or goddess) and God of spring (Eostre - Celtic God) but no God of Summer or autumn. Even God prefer to have vacations on that season! :)

Interesting enough, the sun is very much bright and it gives me a very happy feeling. A lot of people telling me about how dark it would be when winter arrive. I'm looking forward to that as well as I am looking forward to be depress.:) It will be my first full winter experience. geezzz....

It will be Raya in 6 days. Time does flies. :)

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